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"Try this 30-day Challenge to improve your running, become faster and fitter, get stronger and lose weight ... regardless of your current fitness level!"

The world has changed. Our lives have changed. With the current global situation times are tough for everyone. These issues may have introduced new struggles in your own life. For many women this has taken a toll on their daily routines. There seem to be a lot more responsibilities that need to be juggled. So where do you even begin to find the motivation to stay fit and keep healthy? 
That’s why The Running Women has created a 30-day Fitness Challenge for women looking to finally get going with their running, while simultaneously looking to lose weight and get strong and toned. 
We realise that at this time committing to long term running training and weight-loss programs can be difficult. For this reason we have created a course that will allow for you to see results in your running and get into shape in just 30 days!  
This challenge is to help instill the habit of running into your life in a realistic and easy way – whether you are a beginner, someone who has been running for the last few weeks or months sparingly or an advanced runner. 
So regardless of your background, your current fitness level, your sporting ability and your age this challenge is your chance to take back some control in your life during this peculiar time and start to get into the best shape of your life! 
The Running Women 30-day challenge includes a running training plan that builds up to a reachable goal. This does not mean you need to hit the pavement every single day! The challenge involves a combination of running, strength/core workouts and vital recovery days to ensure you get the most out of the program. The challenge also contains 30 recipes to compliment your training.
The 30-day challenge is comprised of 2 levels. The first level is an easier option for those of you who are less fit and new to the wonderful world of running. The second level is a more advanced option for those of you who are more comfortable with running.

What happens during The Running Women 30-day challenge? 

  • ​The challenge is 30 days long. 
  • ​You can choose between two options depending on your level of fitness and running ability.
  • ​​Each day you will have a specific workout routine- this can include a running session, a strength workout session, or a stretch/rest day.
  • ​The challenge has been designed to progressively build up your running fitness and strength - the sessions will therefore begin at an easy and manageable level and with time will gradually intensify. 
  • ​Each week contains 4 running days, 2 strength days and one rest day.
  • ​The running days are comprised of easer sessions and more intense sessions. 
  • ​You will get toned through a variety of basic `at-home´ strengthening and core workouts. 
  • ​The challenge will also include 30 realistic and simple recipes - this will give you the opportunity to eat clean for 30-days, helping you to lose weight and get into shape. 
  • ​At the end of the 30 days you will feel fitter, you will run more comfortably and you will likely be more in shape. 
The Running Women Challenge is carefully thought out to meet realistic expectations for what one hopes to accomplish. We believe that change is made in small steps or stages. By tackling this challenge you will get into a daily running habit that will take you from unfit to fit. This will allow for you to subsequently tackle more extensive running training and strengthening programs. 

What is the 30-day challenge comprised of? 

  • ​24 fitness sessions - made up of running or strengthening workouts
  • ​6 rest days – to allow for your body to fully recover
  • ​16 running sessions – made up of easier sessions (walk/jog/ slow long run) and harder sessions (made up of faster paced runs and speed work)
  • ​8 strength sessions – made up of simple but effective core and full body workouts that can be done at home (all you need is yourself and 1 elastic band)
  • ​30 recipes – made up of healthy and easy recipes to try out at home with realistic ingredients 
The Running Women Challenge is designed to realistically fit into the average women’s schedule. The challenge will therefore not take up hours and hours of your day. 
Taking on a new healthy habit involves many small steps. These include taking a decision to make a change, initiating the change through new behaviour and repeating that change to ensure you see results.  
No matter where you are with your running and overall fitness – from beginner to advanced – The Running Women Challenge will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy and happy.  
So why not challenge yourself today?

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The Team

Identical twins, Sarah (left) and Rebecca (right) have an enormous passion for running. They have both been competing in cross-country and athletics at District and Provincial level, since the age of 8. Over the past 20 years they have participated in hundreds of running events, achieving great results. 

Sarah and Rebecca have run for various athletic clubs, as well as represented both South Africa and Switzerland in international running competitions. 

Their running success has been proof that with the correct training, strengthening workouts and guidance any woman can achieve her personal goals. Many years of hard work and dedication have allowed for them to gain tremendous insight into the world of running and the secrets that lie behind successful running for women. 

Together with their dedicated team, they would like to share their experience and knowledge with the average woman, enabling everyone with a different level of fitness and natural ability, to get fit and reach their running goals. 

They believe that many of the running and fitness programmes on offer are unrealistic and unachievable for most woman. Rebecca and Sarah want to prove to you that with the right training programme and advice it is possible to improve your running, lose weight, get into shape and achieve your goals. Their aim is to share their experience and love for running with every interested woman.

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