ATTENTION all past, present and future women runners…

"Try these simple proven techniques to improve your running, lose weight and get faster and fitter without gaining an injury in the process... no running experience is required!"

Perhaps you are unaware of the programmes, techniques and formulas that actually work to ensure you run well, stay healthy and reach your running goals! It is not that you lack the ability and will power to `make it happen´... you are probably not following realistic programmes that are tailored to your personal fitness goals. 
But luckily… we have a solution. The answer lies in The Running Women Online Course, a running and fitness course which is designed to cater for EVERY type of woman, no matter your goal or experience. This course will allow you to reach your running goal easily and without having to drastically change your lifestyle.

The Running Women Online Course offers:

  • ​A course designed to cater for all levels of runners
  • ​​Begin running for the first time or tackle a new running distance 
  • ​Training programmes to help improve your 5km, 10km, 21km and marathon times
  • ​Running programmes that assist with weight-loss
  • ​A programme that works around your time… you decide when and where the training takes place
  • ​Hours of on-demand video lectures and presentations to help improve your running and strengthening workouts
  • Downloadable resources to compliment your training programs 
  • ​The opportunity to save money on expensive private lessons and gym fees... course fees are minimal
  • ​The exact tools and advice you need from professionals to begin running or improving your running from the comfort of your home
  • ​The opportunity to reach your running goals injury free
  • ​Full lifetime access to the course (one time payment)
  • ​100% satisfaction or 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Taking up a new training programme does not have to be tough and time consuming, all it takes is a pair of comfortable runningshoes and the desire to get moving. The Running Women Online Course makes it easy to get started, get better, get inspired and stay on schedule. 

Here is exactly what you get with the Course:

  • A step-by-step training guide in a calendar form
  • ​Detailed daily training programmes to get fit and improve your 5km, 10km, 21km and marathon times
  • ​Specialised weight-loss training guides
  • New running techniques, such as interval training, speed work and hill sessions
  • Various core and gym workout programmes to improve your stamina and flexibility… as well to get into shape and look great - part of the Strength section
  • Cross-training guidelines and programmes to compliment your running and weight loss 
  • Detailed ​nutrition information to assist with weight loss and compliment your effective training regime - part of the Nutrition section
  • ​Information on proper food intake before, during and after your runs
  • ​Advice and tips on how to avoid common running aches and pains - part of the Injury Prevention section
  • Additional running information and workouts such as treadmill running programs and a mommy and me section to do with your child - part of the Bonus section

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The team

Identical twins, Sarah (left) and Rebecca (right) have an enormous passion for running. They have both been competing in cross-country and athletics at District and Provincial level, since the age of 8. Over the past 20 years they have participated in hundreds of running events, achieving great results. Sarah and Rebecca have run for various athletic clubs, as well as represented both South Africa and Switzerland in international running competitions. 

Their running success has been proof that with the correct training and guidance any woman can achieve her personal goals. Many years of hard work and dedication have allowed for them to gain tremendous insight into the world of running and the secrets that lie behind successful running for women. 

Together with their dedicated team, they would like to share their experience and knowledge with the average woman, enabling everyone with a different level of fitness and natural ability, to reach their running goals. 

They believe that many of the running programmes on offer are unrealistic and unachievable for most woman . Rebecca and Sarah want to prove to you that with the right training programme and advice it is possible to improve your running and achieve your goals. Their aim is to share their experience and love for running with every interested woman.

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